Letter from the Editor Issue 72

Fall 2009 CSANews Issue 72  |  Posted date : Sep 22, 2009.Back to list

The tall ships have left Halifax, Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition is over, the Calgary Stampede is history and Vancouver is experiencing rain and low temperatures; our summer appears to be over. Right now is my favourite time of year!

In September, I usually sneak away for an extra-long weekend to do some fishing with the boys and it is a beautiful time of year to be up north. And it is bug-free! I have always had an aversion to mosquitoes and it is even more pronounced now that we have West Nile virus as an added concern. The family also has a tradition of taking some time up north in September. If you find a chance to take a short trip or tour this month, north is certainly the right direction. The autumn leaves are spectacular, the weather is usually perfect and the prices at country inns and B&Bs are usually at off-season rates. You can often find excellent ideas and values online, but I use the old-fashioned telephone to call for further information and to speak to a live person. This gives me a better feel for any destination and there are often little things which you should know, or bring, to make your fall excursion even better.

Hopefully, most of our plans are made for our winter "vacation," but I do have a mild concern about the H1N1 virus, commonly called the swine flu. Those of us over 55, apparently, have a built-in resistance to the swine flu resulting from our exposure to a less-vigorous strain that was circulating in the 1950s. I hope that this is true, and recent facts seem to confirm it, but I believe that we should also get the new vaccination shot when it comes out. The Canadian government has said that they will have enough vaccine for every Canadian, so supply does not seem to be an issue; timing may be, though.

I recommend that we all try to get BOTH flu shots before travelling for our extended winter vacation. Just so you know, the swine flu/H1N1 shot is separate from our normal flu shot and it is necessary to have both of them for the best protection. We will attempt to have extra shots available at our Extravaganzas, just in case you miss them, but please try to get them in Canada before you leave.

As a last thought, the prices for cruises are ridiculously low right now. Why not run away from home for a week or 10 days? The website I find most helpful is VacationstoGo.com, but also try Cruise.com or CruiseDeals.com or Crucon.com. so much to do, so much to see...let's get started...now!

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