Letter from the Editor Issue 57

Winter 2005 CSANews Issue 57  |  Posted date : May 25, 2007.Back to list

A light dusting of snow is covering the world on this beautiful sunny Canadian day. A striking cardinal sits high in a tree watching over his mate as she pecks away at some unknown food treasure she has found below. The world seems at peace. In the quiet, my mind wanders over the past dozen years of friendship with Bill Leeder, who recently left this world for a better place. Bill would have enjoyed this day.

We were partners, we were competitors, and we were friends. Bill's newspaper, the Canada News, was read by thousands of snowbirds who waited patiently, every week, for news of home and for the latest information about the snowbird community. When it became apparent that Canada News could no longer be self-supporting, Bill "retired" and became a spokesperson for the Canadian Snowbird Association and Medipac International. As our director of community relations, Bill travelled far and wide to literally hundreds of Canadian events – golf tournaments, Canada Club meetings, breakfasts and luncheons, and to any place at which Canadians gathered to meet. Bill brought a passion and an energy to everything that he did, something which is rare in today's world.

On reflection, it must be long past the time for our two cardinals to be heading south. Perhaps they are reluctant to go because they have lost one of their friends. In time, they will move on and they will make many new friends, but none quite as unique and talented as our friend, Bill Leeder.

J. Ross Quigley