Cold versus Seasonal flu versus H1N1

Winter 2009 CSANews Issue 73  |  Posted date : Dec 12, 2009.Back to list

Feeling unwell? Unsure if it's "just a cold" or something more severe? Here are some of the differences between symptoms of a common cold and the flu:

Sufferers of the H1N1 virus will exhibit many symptoms which are similar to those of the regular seasonal flu, but with a higher severity. There are also other symptoms which may be seen with the H1N1 flu, including rash, difficulty in breathing, mental disorientation and nausea/vomiting.

Tests to confirm the type of flu are now not routinely performed.

But whether you're suffering from a cold or flu, be sure to stay home to try and minimize exposing others to illness; rest and drink plenty of liquids. If you are in a high-risk group, such as suffering from a chronic medical condition, you may be advised to take Tamiflu at the outset of your illness. In such cases, contact a doctor or "flu clinic" by phone to seek advice.