CSA President’s Award Honourees

Spring 2010 CSANews Issue 74  |  Posted date : May 27, 2010.Back to list

Instituted in 2003, the annual president's award recognizes members who have served the association in an outstanding volunteer capacity thereby making a significant contribution to the success of the association.

The award winners for 2010 are:

Pic #1:

J. William (Bill) Hicks & Brenda Cooper
Hillview NL & Seminole FL

Pic #2:
Art Devlin
Penticton BC & Brownsville TX

Pic #3:
Reuben & Mabel Harding
St. John's NL & Pinellas Park FL

Pic #4:
Alex & Rin Van Hemert
Newmarket ON & Lakeland FL

Pic #5:
Bruce & Beverly Patacairk
Ottawa ON & Mesa AZ