Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

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Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
By David Wolfe (North Atlantic Books, $18.95, 341 pages)

A new day is dawning on the world of nutrition, and author David Wolfe has provided a fascinating, comprehensive guide in his new book Superfoods. He makes it easy for us to join this leading edge of discovery, and find out how to eat the "most potent, super-concentrated and nutrient-rich foods on the planet." There are also directions about how and where to get these products.

Wolfe not only lists The Top Ten Superfoods, he backs everything up with the latest ongoing scientific studies. "Superfoods allow us to get more nutrition with less eating."

What makes the book such interesting reading is that for each of the Superfoods, we read the History, Facts and Legends (some of them pretty steamy), Benefits, What to Look For, (product types), How to Use (shakes, trail mix, salads, etc.) and Recipes. To make the recipes, Wolfe suggests a high-speed blender, and perhaps a dehydrator.

It is suggested that nearly everyone raised on a modern American or European diet may be a victim of Syndrome X. We tend to eat mineral-deficient food sprayed with pesticides, antibiotic-treated meat, hormonally altered dairy products, refined sugar, refined grains and refined salt. This toxic load can result in Syndrome X – low energy and an inability to lose weight. These Superfoods all actively work to "preload" the immune system with the raw materials necessary to maintain a healthy immune system.

And here they are - David Wolfe's Top Ten - the result of diligent research and world travel:
  • 1) Gogi Berries: (The Fountain of Youth)
  • 2) Cacao: (Raw Chocolate)
  • 3) Maca: (Andes Aphrodisiac)
  • 4) Bee Products: (The Original Superfoods) Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly,  Propolis
  • 5) Spirulina: (the Protein Queen)
  • 6) AFA Blue-Green Algae: (Primordial Food from Klamath Lake, Oregon)
  • 7) Marine Phytoplankton: (the Basis of All Life)
  • 8) Aloe Vera: (the Egyptian Secret of Immortality)
  • 9) Hempseed: (the Superfood of the Future)
  • 10) Coconuts: (The Symbol of Paradise).
Wolfe not only explains the above descriptions of the Superfoods, he also includes a 35-page Appendix of Scientific Studies and details how each of these foods can be used to treat what ails you. For example, he lists experiments proving the effectiveness of aloe vera in the treatment of arthritis and juvenile diabetes.

Superfoods is not only an accessible guide, presenting persuasive arguments based on sound science, it's an interesting and sometimes irreverent read. It may contain that perfect piece of health advice you didn't know you were looking for.