Let's Go RVing!

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At our core, we are explorers. It's in our bones, our marrow and our guts to venture out and discover. Exploration and adventure are vital to the human soul. Called by distant voices or prodded by an inner whisper, we travel, we seek adventure.

Free again! All it takes is a clean windshield and a full tank of fuel, and I feel a yearning to be "on the road again." Let's see what's over the next hill. I wonder where that road goes.

Is that Willie Nelson singing? For real, there's the music of this friendly engine pushing us along with the lyrics of the road. The motorhome is familiar, always familiar. Cozy, like home. Better than home. It is home. The TripTikĀ® odometer is set to zero! Lights on! Steps up! Vents closed! Antennas down! Pumps off! And with Willie Nelson, we're "on the road again.."

Each year, more than a million Canadians, affectionately dubbed "snowbirds," migrate to southern climes to escape the harsh reality of a northern winter and to enjoy sunny, warm weather. The strong Canadian dollar is making the trip more affordable and attractive than ever. But post-9/11, Canadians face tighter security and higher health costs when travelling to the U.S.

Well now, fancy meeting you here. I hope you don't mind if I take a moment to introduce myself.

My wife Dania and I are Canadian snowbirds and we're living our dream! 
We are lifetime members of the Canadian Snowbird Association and have enjoyed the snowbird lifestyle for the past 13 years. We're experienced RV travellers who have criss-crossed Canada and the United States countless times and have wintered in Arizona, Florida, Southern California and Texas. 

"My favourite thing is to go where I've never been," photographer Diane Arbus once said, and we agree - although some places we've visited seem more appealing than others. 

Texas' coastal playground, which stretches in a great curve along the Gulf of Mexico from the moss-covered bayous of Louisiana to the sun-drenched sands of the Mexican border, is just such a place.

With a lifelong love of travel, a condo-on-wheels has always been our destiny. During the past 35 years, we have travelled in a variety of RVs including a tent-trailer, truck campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and gas and diesel-pusher motorhomes. We currently enjoy our 2007 Newmar Kountry Star Diesel Pusher with 400HP and four slides.

We have served as Alberta directors of the Newmar Kountry Klub (NKK) and hosted Calgary Stampede and Canadian Rockies Caravans for the NKK. 

Each June, we present sessions at the RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar (www.okanagan.bc.ca/Page17208.aspx) at Okanagan College in Kelowna. Topics we've presented include Let's Talk RVing, Snowbird Roosts, Membership Campgrounds and Discount Camping Clubs, 101 Ideas for Enhancing Your Life on the Road, RVing and Photography: A Natural Fit, An Introduction to the Diversity that is Florida, and Why Winter in South Texas?

When we're not travelling in our RV, we make Edmonton our home.
As the Edmonton RV Travel Examiner (www.examiner.com/x-26216-Edmonton-RV-Travel-Examiner), I write daily - or almost daily - postings on anything and everything related to RV travels and the RV lifestyle, including snowbirding and snowbird destinations.

I'm also a regular contributor to RV Times (www.rvtimes.ca) - a Western Canadian publication.

RVing is exhilarating and, although every adventure may not be perfect, nothing in this world can compare with the freedom that RV travel offers. It takes courage and passion to hit the open road, to explore the unfamiliar. New adventures never cease to rekindle something in me.

If more people embraced the call, the risk, the uncertainty of the open road; if more people followed their hearts, were true to themselves; oh, what a better place our world would be.

Now, my hope is that you'll enjoy - and at the same time, be informed by - what I have to say. So, gather round again, and let's see what happens.
Hey, I'm already looking forward to our meeting, next issue. See you then.
Meanwhile, "Let's Go RVing!" If not now, when? Live in the moment. No "what ifs" and no regrets. Life is short. Enjoy your summer. Get out and enjoy this wonderful country we call Canada.

Feel free to e-mail me at vogelontheroad@gmail.com with your comments, issues and topics you'd like to see addressed on this page.