Special Guest Columnist - Michael Coren

Winter 2010 CSANews Issue 77  |  Posted date : Dec 06, 2010.Back to list

It's truly extraordinary how almost every left-of-centre journalist in the country has managed to become an instant expert on the arcane subjects of global warming and the science of climate change. Imagine, for example, if some average Canadian hack who had never studied the Middle East suddenly announced that he was an authority on Israel/ Palestine, knew which side was right and knew how to solve all of the associated problems. 

This, however, is what we are told every day when it comes to the fashion of sounding green. The more sympathy we can exhibit for Gore's Polar Bear or Suzuki's whining, the more trendy and acceptable we become. There is, however, an increasing number of peer-reviewed and intensely credible scientific minds who believe that conventional thinking on global warming is nonsense. Good Lord, if anyone knows about different climates, it is the readers of this magazine!

A few months ago, I wrote here about Canadian academic Tim Ball. Another hero is Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a world-renowned scholar. He was in Canada earlier this year and appeared on my television show. A man of compelling wit and eloquence, he has defeated so many environmental activists - he calls them "bedwetters" - that few of them will now debate him.

"Al Gore has refused several times. He (Gore) is a man who is paid $300,000 per speech and has his staff control all of the questions that are asked. People ask why he is so committed. Simple. He was a failed politician worth two million dollars; he's now a famous activist worth two hundred! I'll debate him any time, anywhere. He will not agree. Like most in his little movement, he will only take on people he assumes he will defeat."

According to Monckton, there are more than 700 major scientists who steadfastly refute the notion that the climate is changing to any worrying degree, that global warming is a reality and that the planet is in danger. This is important because for some years, we've been told - and our children have been indoctrinated - that there are no credible scientists who doubt global warming theories and that anybody who speaks out against the conventional wisdom on the subject is somehow in the pay of big oil.

"It's all about the need of the international left to rally round a new flag," he says. "The left lost the Cold War, communism was defeated, various left-wing parties lost to more conservative parties throughout Europe and here in Canada, and they all need a new cause. This is it. Goodness, do we seriously believe that these activists genuinely care about people? Of course not. They care about imposing their views on the rest of society."

He has a point, of course. It is staggering how abusive, aggressive and intolerant the new environmentalists are and how they seem to show far more love for the planet than for the people who live on it. In fact, this somewhat pagan approach often has, at its core, an obsession with de-population and the notion that people are by their nature harmful, especially if they are people born in the west.
In an attempt to prove how weak many of the accepted theories really are, Monckton has written a series of articles which appear to show that the earth's sensitivity to increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide is minimal. "Take the example of the medieval warm period," he says. "The bedwetters tell us that this was brief and irrelevant. Yet if we look at history, we see that it wasn't brief and is certainly relevant. Climate does change, but it's minor and it has little if anything to do with man's intervention." A brief pause. "It's about money and control. There is a lot of money to be made out of the so-called green economy and it allows people to tell us what to do - which is what some people relish doing."

He continues: "Remember DDT, the pesticide used to kill mosquitoes that carried malaria. Jackie Kennedy read a book saying that it was harmful, got her husband (the president) to bring pressure to have it banned and in 40 years, 40 million people - mainly children - died. Now we've come to our senses and reintroduced it, but only after the fashionable left did their damage."

"Global warming is similar. It makes no sense, is bad science and policies to deal with it will cause terrible problems. People are being brainwashed and critics are intimidated into silence. The suppression of free and independent speech around this subject is quite extraordinary." And is Monckton annoyed at his opponents' refusal to take him on? "Actually, I'm rather delighted," he explains. Long pause. "You know what it means, of course. It means I'm winning."

Frankly, he's probably right.