You CAN Vote – Even if You're Away.

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The federal election is fast approaching. For those of you already down south, don't think that you can't vote because you're not in Canada. This is not true! Every single vote counts, so make sure that you read this important information about voting while in the U.S.

By using the Elections Canada website, you can ensure your right to vote as a Canadian citizen. To start the process, go to Once there, follow these steps to access the out-of-Canada snowbird registration form.

1. On the Home page, click on the Snowbirds Voting While Away icon.

2. In the "Voting by Canadians – Snowbirds – Away from their Electoral Districts", select "Click here for instructions".

You are now at the "At home or away, Canadians have a say!" page. Here you will find all the information needed to get you started.

Voter Eligibility Criteria
As you will read, you must be eligible to vote in order to receive a special voting ballot. Basically, you must be a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years of age to vote. Also, the special ballot is for citizens outside of Canada ONLY. There is no need for you to complete the form or obtain the special ballot if you are residing at your permanent address in Canada at the time of the election.

Opening the Registration Form
You can download the registration form directly from the Elections Canada website. However, the registration form is available in PDF only. You must have Adobe Reader to open the form. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the program for free. See the sidebar for information.

Completing the Registration Form
You must complete the registration form in full before you can receive a special ballot. You will be required to answer obligatory fields, such as full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and mailing address. You will also be required to include identification documents, such as your drivers license or official government documents containing your name, address and signature (i.e. health card, library card or utility bill).

Failure to include the required documents will cause unnecessary delays in processing your registration form.

Sending in your Registration Form
You can send your registration form in two ways: by fax or by mail. The fax number and mailing address for Elections Canada are listed on the website. Simply choose your method, and send in the form. Just don't forget to include the required documentation!

What happens next?
Once your registration form and documents have been processed and verifi ed, a special ballot voting kit will be sent to your mailing address. The kit will contain all the documents needed to cast your vote, as well as full instructions on completing and returning the ballot.
Make it happen!

There are no excuses for not voting. The Elections Canada website is super-easy to navigate, and all the information you need is right there for your perusal.

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