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Winter 2010 CSANews Issue 77  |  Posted date : Dec 16, 2010.Back to list

Are you there yet? My goodness, if you are one of the lucky people from one of the western provinces, you are sitting in Arizona, Texas or California, or perhaps even Florida or Hawaii or Mexico. There are two words that are alternating on western TVs in Canada, the first is "stormy" and the second is "snow." The first little bit is fun, of course; you throw a snowball at your kids and grandkids or perhaps make a snowman - the first snowfall is just about the most beautiful thing you can ever see. But enough is enough!

And guess where all that weather is going. East! Through Ontario and Quebec and on to the Maritime provinces and finally to Newfoundland where the premier, Danny Williams, has recently resigned... at the top of his "game" from the looks of it. I bet that he saw the weather forecasts and is heading south, too.

They say that if you don't have a hobby when you retire, then you end up talking about the weather (or your medical conditions). Dr. Bob says that hobbies are good for you and his article, later in the magazine, makes a lot of sense. I have lots of hobbies -cars, stamps, paintings, bridge, golf (badly), writing and travelling SOUTH in the winter. Now all I need is the time to do justice to even one of them and, in a perfect world, to all of them. The time passes very, very quickly. Throw out that dumb TV and start living a real life; I know that many of you already do. That's the real snowbird lifestyle.

I do hope that you can make it to a warmer place this winter and Pat and I will join you when we can. Have a wonderful Christmas, either here or there, and a wonderful holiday season, too. Next year is going to be a banner year as it is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. According to Chinese legend, the mythical dragon is a symbol of great good fortune and a sign of intense power. The oriental dragon is regarded as a divine beast and, on top of that, I love dragons; so let's get started early and make sure that this is one of our best years ever.

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