Gerry and Joan on the Move in Florida

Spring 2011 CSANews Issue 78  |  Posted date : May 06, 2011.Back to list

Like most of you, we travelled south of the border for the winter and, looking at the weather in Ontario, it was a good move. Once in sunny Florida, we started working again. We began mailing out the placemats... in all, we mailed out 90,000. I am sure that everyone enjoyed them and had a good time singing both national anthems.

We also started to visit Canada Clubs in Florida. Our first stop was in Ocala, where we had a very nice luncheon meeting. This is a very strong club and everyone is a CSA member.

Our next stop was Silver Springs, St. Petersburg, where we attended the Great Canadian Shuffle Tournament; more than 80 people turned out to battle for the championship.

It was then on to Hartland R/V Park in Haines City for the second annual Canadian Beef Dinner. What a good time and what an excellent dinner! Then came the start of the provincial picnics, where we were joined by Ron and Judy Steeves. First it was Nova Scotia, followed by New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and finally Ontario, where we were joined by Nancy and Gord Hopcraft and Marianna and Ed Pupulin. We enjoyed record attendance at all of the picnics and we look forward to even more people attending next year.

Next it was a meeting at Live Oaks, Arcadia. What a full day we had - it started off with a parade of more than 100 Canadians all dressed in red and white, led by a piper. Along the route, a group of fun-loving Americans who had purchased caps emblazoned with "BORDER PATROL" ensured that the parade was able to pass on safely to the club house. This was followed by a very nice meal and prizes for the best-dressed Canadians.

Our next stop was at Outdoor Resort in Clermont, where the room was full of Canadians dressed in red and white. The dinner was excellent, followed by entertainment by our friend Crystal Gage.

Then it was on to the Winter Information Meeting in Port Charlotte. This is always a full house... good information and great entertainment. Then it was meetings of the Toronto Metropolitan Police followed by the Ontario Provincial Police. Both are great supporters of the association.

We then travelled to Crystal Lake in Wauchula for a luncheon and then on to Saddlebag Lake in Lake Wales, where we were entertained by a very well-rehearsed choir.

Our next stop was Crimson Lake in Zephyrhills, followed by a trip to the Canada Club of Goldcoaster in Homestead, where the Canadian anthem was sung in both English and French. We were once again entertained by an excellent choir. We wound up our meetings with a visit once again to Colony Cove in Ellenton. Joan and I would like to thank each of the clubs for inviting us and for their hospitality. Enjoy the summer and we look forward to visiting your club next winter.

Have a safe and healthy summer.