More Fun Facts About Saskatchewan

Spring 2011 CSANews Issue 78  |  Posted date : May 06, 2011.Back to list

  • Saskatchewan has the greatest  amount of road surface of any Canadian province, with more than 250,000 kilometres (150,000 miles) of roads and highways.
  • Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province with entirely man-made boundaries.
  • The city of Lloydminster straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and, unlike other "twin cities" which share a name and a border, it has a single municipal administration.
  • Similarly, the city of Flin Flon, Manitoba has a section that is actually on the Saskatchewan side of the border.
  • The first implementation of Medicare in Canada was in Saskatchewan in 1946.
  • Former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas (widely considered the father of Canadian health care) was voted "The Greatest Canadian" in a national CBC Television contest in 2004. He beat out, among others, Pierre Trudeau and Terry Fox.