Redesigned US Currency - $10

Winter 2005 CSANews Issue 57  |  Posted date : May 25, 2007.Back to list

Following the 2003 and 2004 redesigns of the $20 and $50 notes, the U.S. government has recently introduced the new $10 note, which will appear early in 2006. Like its predecessors, the new $10 note will retain important security features, such as colour-shifting ink, security thread, and a watermark. It will still have the same "American look and feel," only with enhanced imaging. The recent redesign is part of the government's plan to reduce counterfeiting, as frequent design updates make counterfeiting more difficult. The new $10 note also includes features that make it easily identifiable to the visually impaired.

Don't worry if you're using old $10 notes; there's no need to exchange your old U.S. money for new. In fact, U.S. currency dating as far back as 1861 remains redeemable today at full face value.

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