Golf is Good For Your Joints

Spring 2011 CSANews Issue 78  |  Posted date : May 06, 2011.Back to list

(NC)—With another winter season behind us, thousands of golf-starved Canadians are making a beeline for the fairways. But is it possible to play if you have arthritis? Golf is an adaptable activity that increases strength, mobility and range of motion. It also improves balance and co-ordination and can help maintain a healthy body weight. To ensure that you're not putting additional stress on your joints as you aim for that hole-in-one, The Arthritis Society recommends the following tips:
  • Use clubs with lightweight graphite shafts, to better help absorb shock.
  • Build up the grip size on your clubs with tape, to help you hold them more easily.
  • Always stretch and warm up properly before you play.
  • Always use tees to avoid striking the ground and jarring your joints.
  • Use a softer ball with a higher spin rate.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or golf shoes without spikes. You may also want to wear cushioning in your shoes.
  • Take only the clubs which you will use and pull your clubs on a cart, rather than carrying them.
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