Gerry and Joan Back in Canada

Summer 2011 CSANews Issue 79  |  Posted date : Jul 08, 2011.Back to list

Like you, we are back in Canada. I am sure that most of you will agree, it is nice to avoid the Canadian winter, but it is always nice to get back to our own country in the spring. 

We had a hard time getting back to Canada this year. We had car trouble (which held us up for quite a long time) but, finally, we arrived home. Prior to leaving Florida, we had some last-minute orders for placemats. Please make sure that you order well before your needed date, as it gets expensive to send them rush.

This spring starts off with a CSA board meeting in Toronto and then Joan and I are attending the annual general meeting of the Ontario Provincial Police Veterans' Association. They are a great police force and serve Ontarians well. As I have previously mentioned, I am a lifetime member of this association.

Now that we are all back safe and sound, we can concentrate on our summer activities. Joan and I will be attending a few provincial and federal meetings and I will also be speaking to the employees of companies that hold seminars for their retiring employees. This is always a good way for us to sign up new members. If any of you were employed by a company that provided retirement seminars or held retiree meetings, please contact the CSA office and give us the name of the company and, if possible, a contact name and phone number.

We now have a majority federal government which means no more federal elections for the next four years. You can rest assured that the CSA president and directors will be visiting members of Parliament from all parties in order to present them with our members' concerns.

Joan and I wish you a safe and healthy summer and look forward to seeing many of you next snowbird season.