10 Tips for Keeping Your Back Healthy

Summer 2011 CSANews Issue 79  |  Posted date : Jul 08, 2011.Back to list

Research shows that 80 per cent of Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their lives. When it comes to back pain, prevention is often the best strategy. Simple techniques, such as regular stretching and good posture, will go a long way in helping to prevent backaches. Make the effort to incorporate some basic tips into your day.

1. Stretch and exercise regularly.
2. Follow a healthy diet.
3. Maintain good posture.
4. Stretch your back before and after sports or physical activity.
5. Don't overload your backpack, purse or shoulder bag.
6. Stretch your legs and back after each hour of sitting.
7. Never cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder.
8. Sleep on your back or side, but not on your stomach.
9. Invest in a good chair, pillow and mattress. It's worth it.
10. Have regular spinal checkups.

For more information on back care and safety, visit the Ontario Chiropractic Association website at www.chiropractic.on.ca or call 1-877-327-2273.