Are You Aware of ALL Your Medical Conditions?

Summer 2005 CSANews Issue 55  |  Posted date : May 20, 2007.Back to list


AWARE is the key word in my story and will come up again several times.

It all started in September of 2004 when my wife and I started shopping around for emergency medical coverage. We have been spending our winters in Yuma, Arizona for the past five years, insured with different companies along the way. For the first four years we had no medical claims, but on the fifth year, I did. At this time we were insured with Medipac, who paid for everything with no problems.

By the way, my application for coverage was filled out the same way every year for all companies involved.

In the 2004-2005 season our luck changed, as we chose (********* company name deleted to avoid lawsuits). This was a big mistake, because I got sick, was hospitalized and ended up having surgery. At first (the other company) agreed to pay but later reviewed my worksheet application and found a loop hole that got them off the hook.

I should have read the fine print, which I did after the fact. By now it was too late.

This company, (********), has a clause in their policy which is worded like this "I understand that applying for coverage under this policy it is my responsibility to be aware of all medical conditions, whether or not disclosed to me by a physician". Talk about covering their butts! My doctor could not believe this clause and said "this application should not be filled out by the applicant but by a physician". I can now understand him saying this.

Why and how would you report a condition you do not know you have?

I was not aware, so I left it blank. Some of you may think this is all my fault, but I do not feel it is. I truly feel I've been had, because the condition or loophole (********) is referring to had nothing to do with the surgery I received and I am not on any medication, am not on any kind of special diets or anything else for this condition.

So fellow snowbirds, be aware and choose your company for emergency medical coverage with the greatest care. You do not want to go through the hell we have this past season or be responsible for the thousands of dollars that have been thrown into our laps.

In my opinion, companies like this should not be in business and it is my intension to make you aware. I hope I have succeeded.

Disgusted Snowbird
Tom Lipkovits

Well Tom, as you can see, we are helping you to spread your message. We certainly have empathy for your plight and hope we can welcome you back to the Medipac Program this season. It is difficult for people to appreciate, until they have been through a similar situation, that the value of an insurance policy is not measured in premium, personality or even paper. It is always, and only, about providing assistance and coverage when you make a claim. Read, and understand, every word of your application and policy!