A Proud Member of the CSA

Summer 2005 CSANews Issue 55  |  Posted date : May 20, 2007.Back to list

I am a proud member of the Canadian Snowbird Association. Why?

I want the freedom to travel where I want and when I wish to go. I want the opportunity to see new places, meet different people, and forge friendships as I please.

I want to be able to travel without worrying about illness or its financial consequences – after all, I am Canadian and I live in the country that has a universal health plan!

I want to be free of concerns regarding when I will visit and stay in foreign countries, and to be sure that I understand their rules and regulations and will make my visit a welcome one.

I want to know that I can travel anywhere in Canada at any time and be free to do so without worries of government interference.

Since the first group of concerned Canadians met in Florida in 1992 and forged a new association to better the rights of travellers, a great organization has developed. It would be untrue to say that it has not had its trials and troubles. It has faced both external and internal strife, but never have the dedicated men and women who have directed this association given up.

Many of these people are still active today. Bill Leeder used his newspaper, Canada News, in the early days to bring the first gathering together. He is still a big help in spreading our message through the Canadian Clubs.

Jack Parry (with his wife Jenny) was the first president and dedicated many years to the CSA. He is still active and attends the Florida Extravaganza and Annual General Meeting each year.

Other people worked almost from the beginning and for many years. Don Slinger (and Beth) was the second president and led the association forward with great gusto. During his presidency, Don had a life-threatening illness, but pulled his way through and continued to work for the CSA long after his retirement – in fact, many people wait for his articles in the CSANews.

A lady who gave many years of her life, Kay Jeannerett, will never be forgotten by the CSA. She and her husband John (now deceased) were two of the hardest-working people ever to belong to the association and were well known to many of the members, almost as Mr. and Mrs. Snowbird!

Bob Jackson (and Joyce) from New Brunswick led the association through four long years. Bob was a former MPP and used his government knowledge to further the causes for which the CSA fights, during his whole tenure. In his travels, he became well known to thousands.

Every province has given us directors, persons who were and are willing to make a difference. They gave the CSA much of their time. They were out there, talking to government and other leaders, spending hours promoting and sharing. It is more than a matter of meetings and decision-making. It is reaching persons who hold the vision of a great Canada, and a government that should live up to its obligations to those who wish to travel, both at home and abroad. I wish that I could name them all, but they will go down in the CSA's history for all the help they have provided.

Our directors represent all Canadians and help to promote the interests of their own regions as well. One outstanding director who is remembered fondly is Alex Scott (and Leona) from British Columbia. He worked diligently as treasurer for several years and promoted the dissemination of information about and for RVers whenever possible.

The CSA does not discriminate in any way. We have had directors from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, all proud Canadians. I was the fourth president and the first woman president. I expect others to follow in my footsteps. That's why I, a past-president (and my husband Bruce), am a proud member of the CSA. I have worked hard to keep borders open, build friendship ties and keep government aware of the problems which they have not addressed, as well as to promote and let Canadian travellers know that there is one organization out there which will never give up.

Our current president, Gerry Brissenden (and his wife Joan) demonstrates enthusiasm and foresight. He is energetic and committed. Gerry is a dedicated leader, working continually for all travellers, now and in the future.

I have a request. Are you a PROUD member of the Canadian Snowbird Association? If you are, get out there and tell the world – at least the Canadian world! You, as a member, are the most important part of this association. You helped to build and support it!

Help us to make the Canadian Snowbird Association important to every Canadian!

We need your help to make this great association grow. Please get a friend to join. It will benefit you, your friend and every member.