Mosquito Myths

Summer 2005 CSANews Issue 55  |  Posted date : May 20, 2007.Back to list

Myth: All mosquitoes carry diseases.
Fact: Only certain fresh water mosquitoes (as low as 15 per cent of the species) actually carry viruses which can be harmful to humans.

Myth: Mosquitoes die after one bite.
Fact: Mosquitoes are capable of biting more than once. Only female mosquitoes bite humans (males feed on the nectar of flowers) and once they have used the blood to develop their eggs, they may bite again.

Myth: "Bug zappers" effectively control mosquito populations.
Fact: Although owners of these devices can hear the sound effects of these machines, mosquitoes make up a very small percentage of the insects caught in these traps. Moths and other bugs are more likely to be drawn to the light.

Myth: Burning citronella candles will keep the bugs away.
Fact: Although burning the candles may be an aesthetically-pleasing, more natural way to seem to get rid of the bugs, it has never been scientifically proven.

The moral of the story? Although not every mosquito is a carrier of the West Nile virus, you should protect yourself properly with a repellent containing DEET.
An interesting tidbit...purple martins, which were previously featured in "Our Southern Winter Wonderland" in issue 50, help keep mosquitoes away!