Letter from the Editor Issue 54

Spring 2005 CSANews Issue 54  |  Posted date : May 17, 2007.Back to list

What has happened to our CSA issues? During this period of minority government in Canada, we have not even been able to get a simple budget passed to get on with the work of making our country function properly. The various parties seem to be pushing one single issue which they believe will get the most votes in the next election. The Conservatives want to cut taxes and have the people spend their own money, which is currently being wasted; the Liberals are pushing government funded day care (really an NDP issue) and trying to fight off the sickening revelations of the Gomery Commission; and the NDP are fighting the corporate tax cuts of the Conservatives and dancing gingerly with the Liberals to try and maintain their balance of power. Meanwhile, the Bloc are having a wonderful time in Québec, dreaming of possible separation as Liberal support crumbles in that province.

This all reminds me of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

As for me, I am just a simple guy who wants Canada to remain as one country, to be able to see a doctor when I want to, and to be able to work and pay my taxes, in peace. It took me four days of work to file my family's tax returns, and I owe money, so I am a little irritable today.

Over the years, the CSA has been most successful in winning their battles with government by getting written commitments from the candidates and their parties. Some of those written commitments have been broken, of course, but we get a later chance to show our displeasure at the ballot box. We all know that an election is coming, but we are unsure exactly when, and we must be prepared. Our major CSA issues are pretty simple:

1. Effective health care across Canada, with easy access and payment of our health care bills while travelling, and at the same rate as they would be paid for in Canada. This is a law of our country and should be simple to enforce.

2. Freedom to travel anywhere, at anytime, without penalty or the threat of being stripped of our health care benefits.

3. The ability to buy enough prescription drugs to last for our entire trip. Why are the governments so insensitive to this simple issue? We are not looking to buy heroin; just our high blood pressure medication or arthritis pills or whatever else our doctors have recommended.

May I encourage you to send a note to all of the candidates in your riding and get them to put in writing their positions on these simple issues. Will they solve them, or not? Perhaps a note to the party leaders would also be appropriate to let them know, once again, of our concerns. I am going to ask these questions and the answers I get will determine my vote. And if they have "fibbed" to me in the past, I hope you will assist me in sending them to a very warm place.


J. Ross Quigley