VeriChip: The Human Implantable Computer Chip

Spring 2005 CSANews Issue 54  |  Posted date : May 17, 2007.Back to list

Applied Digital, a Florida-based company, has recently gained FDA approval to market their implantable computer chip in the U.S. The device, called the VeriChip, allows doctors to access critical patient data, such as blood type, allergies and any other pertinent physical conditions. The VeriChip, which is the size of a grain of rice, is implanted in a patient's upper arm during an outpatient visit. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes and is reportedly painless. To access patient data, a doctor simply scans a patient's arm with a hand-held scanner. Within milliseconds, the data is transferred to a database and then displayed on a computer screen.

In praise of the product, Scott Silverman, CEO of Applied Digital, explains that too many deaths occur in hospitals due to the lack of critical medical information. The VeriChip, he says, will prevent this from happening, as doctors will be able to retrieve accurate medical data. This is especially crucial in the event that a patient is not able to communicate.

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