President’s Message Issue 52

Fall 2004 CSANews Issue 52  |  Posted date : May 15, 2007.Back to list

Since the last issue of CSANews, your directors and staff have been very busy. Our British Columbia director, Jim Sherb, attended a two-day seminar in Kelowna at which he was able to spread the word about the CSA and also to sign up quite a few more western members. We have two very active directors in the West, the other being Harley Sundbo in Saskatchewan. Between the two of them, we hope to increase our western membership and also provide more western information in our magazine.

We have been receiving a lot of encouragement from our western members who travel in Recreational Vehicles. For the information of all RVers, Lawrence Barker our executive director, Roland Belanger our Quebec director and I recently attended a meeting in Montreal with representatives of the Quebec Federation of Camping and Caravaning (QFCC). Roland was the founding president of QFCC Chapter 16, l?Outaouais. We intend to work closely with them and with other RV associations to promote the CSA. In addition, we will be advertising in RV News in British Columbia. We will also be sending information and applications to the RV Dealers Association for them to provide to potential purchasers of RVs. We need more RVers as members of our association and we will continue to represent the needs and concerns of these important members of our association.

We have received many responses to our Canada Club listings, and some questions about why all of the pictures are of clubs in Florida. Bill Leeder, a long-time columnist of CSANews, lives in Florida and on our behalf visits many Florida Canadian Clubs. We would be more than happy to print pictures of Canadian events in the West or wherever you are. Please let us know when you are having an event and give us the location. If possible, we will have one of our directors attend. If we are unable to attend, I would like you to get someone to take photos and write an article. It would be great if we could get a Western page into the magazine. Perhaps we could call it WRITE-UPS FROM THE WEST.

I should also mention that I received a very nice letter from Jim Gwynne from, as he says, ?the wilds of Alberta.? Jim also suggested that we could get many new members if we advertised in RV magazines. Thanks Jim, we listened and we promise to act. Look for our ad in RV Times and RV Gazette.

My wife Joan and I attended a seniors' trade show in Welland, Ontario. We were able to talk to many people about the association and also to sign up many new members. It was interesting to find out how many people had not heard of our association but, upon hearing about the work that the association does on behalf of travelling Canadians, they were eager to join.

By the time you read this newsletter, I, together with Lawrence Barker, will have been to Montreal to meet with Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Governor Bush is visiting Montreal in an effort to promote trade and tourism. I will report more about this visit in future issues.

Well, the federal election is over and on behalf of the CSA, I wrote to Prime Minister Martin to congratulate him on his victory. I hope that you exercised your right to vote. As members, you would have received the CSA Federal Election Handbook. We received many calls at the office thanking us for this information. Our members found it handy when asking questions of the candidates. I wrote to the leaders of the four major parties asking them the same questions. The replies can be seen on our website,

In preparation for the Council of the Federation premiers? meeting over the summer months, the association wrote to each premier, provincial/territorial health minister and minister responsible for seniors. A copy of that letter is reprinted on page 10 in this issue of CSANews. As our government leaders debate the future of health care in Canada, it is important that we be vigilant that the five principles of the Canada Health Act do not become lost in the debates. It is my intention to meet with the federal minister of health and the minister of seniors affairs. I also intend to meet with provincial ministers of health to clarify their positions with regard to the Canada Health Act. As you are aware, the Liberal party has stated that they are firmly committed to the five fundamental principals of the act. I look forward to working with the federal government to see a return to the longstanding spirit of the act.

At the last board of directors meeting, it was decided that we should try to get all provincial governments to standardize the residency requirements in order to receive health care.

In other words, provided that a person maintains a permanent residence within their given province, we would like to see each province allow residents freedom to travel out of the country for up to182 days and then allow unlimited short trips within Canada and still retain their healthcare privileges. We believe that as Canadians, we should be allowed to travel within our own country at any time and still retain our health-care privileges.

With respect to our membership drive, when existing members sign up five new members, they will receive a FREE one-year membership for themselves. In addition, they will receive a lapel pin and be considered KEY MEMBERS of our association. This pin is in the shape of a key with the CSA logo. This will identify you as a key member of the association and you will be recognized at all functions of the association. Get your key pin and help the association to grow.

I hope that you have all had a very happy, safe summer and look forward to seeing you at the Snowbird Lifestyle Presentations in the fall, and at the Winter Information Meetings and Extravaganzas in the winter.

EVENT – President Gerry Brissenden, Executive Director Lawrence Barker, Quebec Director Roland Belanger attended the Team Florida trade mission in Montreal.

Pic 2: Gerry with Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Pic 3: Gerry with Paul Celucci – U.S. Ambassador to Canada

Pic 4: Gerry with Anthony (Tony) Knill – Canadian Consul General to the U.S. (Miami Office)