Get the Party Started - With Evite Online Invitations!

Fall 2004 CSANews Issue 52  |  Posted date : May 15, 2007.Back to list

Need to send out invitations for an event? Don't bother using costly cards and snail mail. Rather, turn to the Internet to create and send fun and innovative invitations. Whether it's a BBQ, birthday party, or anniversary, allows you to custom create the perfect invite for your guests. This remarkable online program is time-efficient, fun to use, and absolutely FREE! So put away the envelopes and stamps and go to is a simple program to use. Nevertheless, we thought we'd take this opportunity to show you an overview of how it works.

1. Open up your internet browser application, click on the address line and type in The electronic invitation page pops up on your screen and you are presented with a selection of ready-made options for the type of party to which you want to invite your friends and family.

NOTE: You are going to have to register with in order to send your invitation, so you might want to do this first. There is a little side bar that asks if you are from outside the U.S. Click on this first so you don't have to type in your personal information twice. You will need to respond to a verification email in order to complete registration.

2. Click an event type in the Create an Evite window. The Create a Private Evite window opens, presenting a default image of a generic invitation for the type of event you have chosen (i.e. Birthday Party).

3. Click View Design Gallery in the Evite Design box to select an invitation cover that best suits your tastes (this is like going to Hallmark and choosing a birthday card or invitation from the samples on the display racks!). You can also click the Design Options tab to customize the invitation image.

4. Enter your event information into the following fields: Event Details, Location, Date & Time, Guest List, and Message to Guests. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

5. Click the Ask Your Guests tab to include questions for your guests to answer, i.e. "Will you attend?".

6. Click the What to Bring tab to include items for your guests to bring to your event. This also allows you to collect money through Paypal.

7. Click the Guest List & Privacy tab to customize your guest list, enable/disable privacy, and add reminders.

8. Click the Preview button to see what your Evite looks like.

9. Click the Send Now button when you are ready to send out your evites.

As you can see, makes creating, customizing, and sending invitations a trouble-free and cost-efficient task. Perhaps it's time to throw more parties!