Weird Town Names and Their Origins

Fall 2004 CSANews Issue 52  |  Posted date : May 15, 2007.Back to list

Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Travellers heading for Mobile or Ellisville in the early 1880's would stop by a local inn that was owned by Levi Davis, who always provided them with hot coffee and ginger cakes. Davis eventually constructed a large sign that donned the image of a massive coffee pot and the words, "Hot Coffee". The inn took on this name, and eventually, so did the town.

Happy, Texas
The town of Happy derived its name from nearby Happy Draw, where cowboys were elated to find water. Happy uses the slogan, "The town without a frown".

Why, Arizona
This town was named for the Y-shaped intersection of state highways 85 and 86. The spelling was changed from "Y" to "Why" after residents petitioned for a post office. The state required that the name be spelled differently.