Letter from the Editor Issue 51

Summer 2004 CSANews Issue 51  |  Posted date : May 10, 2007.Back to list

For several weeks now, we have been looking for Blue Flax. For the uninitiated, Blue Flax is a perennial flower that opens its fragile petals every morning to greet us, and closes them at night to rest. Gardening is certainly a challenge. We finally found some flax that came in a lonely single sprig, planted in baby flower pots and, if we wait patiently for three years, we have been assured of a beautiful addition to our garden.

There are conditions we must meet, of course. Not too much water, nor too little; excellent drainage and lots of sun; good earth with lots of nutrients; and the always necessary tender loving care. I believe that gardening is so popular because it is simply a reflection of life itself. Hard work, patience and tender loving care can produce spectacular results.

We Canadians have just planted the seeds of our new federal government and hopefully you took the time to vote. It does not really matter for whom you voted, as long as you took the time to understand the issues. Integrity, health care, taxation, U.S. and world relations and several social issues topped the list of our concerns across Canada. It is now our turn to work and to tend our political garden. We must tell our newly elected representatives exactly what we want and need and, also, we must hold them accountable for the promises they made. With patience, we may indeed see spectacular results.

And, before we continue our reading, we must pause…. to gratefully thank the tens of thousands of Canadians who gave their lives, and their service, to our country. With their sacrifice and the unwavering support of their families, they have given us an immeasurable gift – the gift of freedom. We must tend their gardens, too, with tender loving care.

J. Ross Quigley