President's Message Issue 51

Summer 2004 CSANews Issue 51  |  Posted date : May 10, 2007.Back to list

By the time you receive this issue of CSANews, the federal election will be history. Prior to the election, the association sent letters to the leaders of the four major federal parties asking them the following questions:

  • If elected, will you immediately return federal funding of Medicare to the 50% level as mandated in the Canada Health Act? If not, please explain what level of funding you will guarantee to the provinces and what your reasons are for failing to abide by the Canada Health Act?
  • If elected, will you guarantee to implement Canada-wide standards of care and treatment, including guaranteed, timely access to doctors and specialists and minimum acceptable waiting times for appointments, investigative tests, treatments, operations and procedures?
  • If elected, will you immediately enforce the portability section of the Canada Health Act? If elected, do you agree to apply the penalty provisions of the Canada Health Act to force provinces to comply with the law?
  • If elected, will you implement procedures and processes to measure patient outcomes and the performance of our medical professionals and will you agree to publicly distribute this information to Canadians?

The association also sent each member a special Federal Election Handbook mailing containing these questions to provide assistance when questioning their local candidates, be it at a town hall meeting or during door-to-door campaigning. We hope that everyone found this special mailing helpful.

Your board of directors met recently to outline the direction which we will be taking on behalf of our members over the next two years. I have been charged with the task of doubling the membership during my term of office.

Membership is important to all of us. When we meet with the various levels of governments to present our concerns, it is important to show how many members we represent. I am sure that you all realize that the more members we have, the more government will listen to us and act upon our requests. I would appreciate your help in this task. With this in mind, the association recently introduced an incentive program entitled “Help Us Grow.” Current members who sign up five new memberships by June 30, 2005 will be awarded a free one-year membership. Current members who sign up 30 new memberships by June 30, 2007 will receive a complimentary lifetime membership.

We will be publishing the names of those members who achieve these goals. Get your name printed in the CSANews and help us to help you.

We are looking forward to a very busy and interesting summer and fall.

We start our Lifestyle meetings in Nepean, Ontario on Sunday, September 19, at which you will be able to meet your local directors and their spouses, Lew and Colette Kehoe and Roland and Carmelle Belanger. We then travel to Brockville, where Lew and Colette will again be your hosts. Our next port of call will be Mississauga, where your host will be our treasurer Nancy Hopcraft and her husband Gordon. Then it’s off to Brantford, where you can meet our past-president Ellen White and her husband Bruce. Our travels then take us to Winnipeg, Manitoba, then on to Regina, Saskatchewan, where Harley Sundbo and his wife Bernice will be your hosts. Our next stop will be in Sherwood Park, Alberta and we wind up the shows in Surrey, British Columbia on October 7, where director Jim Sherb and his wife Alayne will welcome you. Keep your eyes open for the dates and times of meetings in your part of the country. Please find time to join us and meet your local director and his or her spouse. Also, make sure that you bring along a friend. The shows are free to everyone and the entertainment is always outstanding. My wife Joan and I will be present at every location and will look forward to meeting and talking to everyone.

Have a great, safe and healthy summer.