Executive Director's Report Issue 51

Summer 2004 CSANews Issue 51  |  Posted date : May 10, 2007.Back to list

While spring and summer are regarded by many people as the "slow" period of the year in which time can be found for cleaning, decorating and general "catching up," a quick scan of both the president's and government relations columns will quickly reveal that things are anything but slow at the CSA.

By now, members should have received their 2004/2005 membership renewal mailing. Prompt payment of your membership dues helps the association to move forward on many key membership initiatives. There is indeed strength in numbers. If you have not already mailed your renewal payment, please do so today!

Government relations and advocacy are important aspects of CSA membership. This past year, the political landscape of Canada changed considerably when you consider the number of provincial/territorial elections, as well as the recent federal election. Even if the same political party were re-elected for a further mandate, key players, namely the ministers of finance, ministers of health and ministers responsible for seniors' issues, frequently change when a new cabinet is sworn in.

As you will note from the government relations report, an excellent day-long strategy session was recently held to examine what issues the association will champion over the next year. From those discussions, a "minimum national standard" was developed. This message is very timely with the health-care summit planned for Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario as well as a host of other special meetings that will no doubt be taking place on the future of health care in Canada.

With the recent hiring of a new replacement research and communications officer at the CSA office, a major initiative over the summer will be to "get our message out" to our various publics as well as to government contacts.

As many members start thinking ahead of travel plans for this coming fall, I would particularly urge you to visit – frequently – the association's website for travel bulletins (such as last year's important U.S. beef ban), as well as many new "travellers' tips." A number of helpful one-page bulletins are currently being developed for our website, with the intent of having them posted and available for members to download in time for travelling this fall. If there are any specific topics which you would like us to investigate, please do not hesitate to contact the CSA office.

On behalf of the CSA staff, we wish you a safe and enjoyable summer.