Letter from the Editor Issue 50

Spring 2004 CSANews Issue 50  |  Posted date : May 05, 2007.Back to list

Today is Mother's Day, or at least it was when I sat down to write this Editor's note. My wife, Patricia (a mother, of course) is urging me to get down to business and get the many things done that must be done ­ write my insurance article, send letters to the Bank of Nova Scotia and to the Royal Bank's Insurance Division on some rather strange actions they have taken, design questions to ask our potential federal political leaders to find out what their real intentions are amid the "smoke and mirrors" they call an election campaign, and ponder the real reasons that our Canadian dollar has retreated to 72.31 cents from its recent peak of 78 cents. A busy Sunday afternoon lies ahead.

I should not forget to consider the substantial reduction in Nortel's stock, again, which is in every Canadian stock portfolio entrusted with our pension money, and the vicious affect it will have on retired seniors, our lifestyle, and our future pensions. Or the sponsorship scandal, which will probably lead to higher taxes, as our money is wastefully misspent by governments in many more areas than this. As the old adage says "There's something rotten in Denmark."

We, as Canadians, are responsible for our own future. Our mothers brought us up to be honest, self-reliant and creative in finding solutions to our problems. The Canadian Snowbird Association, as a lobby group, has the power to influence many areas of our society and we can use our numbers, and votes, to help guide our politicians and even corporate Canada in the right direction. CSA has a new Board of Directors, a new President and a new executive director with fresh viewpoints and new ideas as to how to accomplish our many goals. Let us all get behind their efforts to help make Canada a better place and to bring about the changes so desperately needed to preserve our lifestyles and our retirement hopes and dreams. Let's make our mothers proud.


J. Ross Quigley