CSA Directors' Tribute

Winter 2003 CSANews Issue 49  |  Posted date : May 02, 2007.Back to list

At the Annual General Meeting on Jan. 14, 2004, we not only inaugurate a new board of directors, we say good-bye to some who have helped guide the association over the years. We may not be seeing them at regular board meetings, but we certainly look forward to seeing them at our Extravaganzas, Winter Information Meetings and Snowbird Lifestyle Presentations, and we know they will be firm supporters of the CSA in the future.

Pic 1:
Bob Jackson
Past President,
New Brunswick Director

For 10 years the CSA has come to rely on its New Brunswick Director for guidance in all things political. As a former town councillor, mayor and cabinet minister, Bob Jackson was well suited to the roles of chairman of the Government Relations Committee (GRC), then president. The board will miss Bob's warmth, humour and sense of fair play and wishes both him and his wife, Joyce, the very best.

Pic 2:
Paul Jenkins
1st Vice-President,
P.E.I. Director

Under the guidance of Paul Jenkins, the GRC initiatives have flourished. Over the past six years, the GRC has undertaken and launched the Canadian Travellers' Report Card, spearheaded a lobbying campaign against the INS, published a Special Report and continuously monitored the Canadian political front. We thank Paul for all of his work and wish both him and his wife, Barb, many years of retirement happiness.

Pic 3:
Malcolm Joyce
Manitoba Director

Every Manitoba resident who travels owes thanks to Malcolm Joyce. As a direct result of his efforts on behalf of those in his home province, travellers are able to access two 100-day supplies of prescription medication. As a member of the Government Relations and Finance committees, Malcolm always offered level-headed advice that has served the association well. To both Malcolm and his wife, Jessie, our sincere best wishes.

Pic 4:
Michael Wedekind
Alberta Director

Michael joined the board two years ago and has been an essential member of the Government Relations Committee. Michael has accepted the challenges put forth, and we will miss his contributions to board initiatives. We hope that Michael and his wife, Gail, enjoy many years of travelling together.

Pic 5:
Peter Sloggett
British Columbia Director

As chair of the Membership Committee, Peter has furthered the committee's goal of increasing membership. He is an outspoken advocate of the rights of B.C. travellers and has been a strong member of the board of directors. Our best wishes are extended to both Peter and his wife, Sharon.

Pic 6:
Jack Mann
Ontario Director

It was a pleasure to work with a man as experienced as Jack is in all matters related to board management. He served on several committees and was valued member of the committee formed to make decisions about the Special Action Fund. He and his wife, Ruthe, are busy people who will continue to serve their community and province in many ways. We wish them both an active, happy future.