Letter from the Editor Issue 49

Winter 2003 CSANews Issue 49  |  Posted date : May 02, 2007.Back to list

Early this morning, as I arrived for work, I was greeted by about thirty Canada Geese who had stopped for a rest on their way South. They were a somewhat noisy (and messy) lot that reminded me of how quickly time, and the seasons, pass.

During the past few months, we Canadians have seen several elections come to fruition and new Premiers and cabinets forming in several provinces, to guide our future. At the Federal level, Paul Martin is about to take office as our new Prime Minister and the Conservative and Alliance parties are in the throes of merging and choosing a new leader to form a "united right." Simply keeping track of "who is who" in our many government circles can be a challenging task to effectively lobby for our many CSA issues.

CSA has spoken and met with many political parties, in many provinces, as we believe that our issues cross all political borders. Our issues are Canadian issues, not just Liberal issues, or Conservative issues, or NDP issues, or Parti Québécois issues, or for that matter any other party's issues. The freedom to travel, access to proper drugs and health care while travelling, and the duty and legal responsibility of Governments to pay their fair share of costs under the Canada Health Act is universal.

I would request all of our elected representatives, both old and new, to look at CSA's requests from a personal viewpoint and to do what is right. Allow Canadians to travel for at least six months every year; allow Canadians to take trips of up to 23 days, anywhere, anytime; allow us to take enough prescription medication to last for an entire trip; and last, but not least, pay for our emergency health care, when travelling, at the same levels as you do in Canada. Simple requests, simple answers and simply common sense! The cost, by the way, is insignificant and we would be happy to "prove our case" at your convenience.

Time passes quickly! Your immediate attention to these requests would be most appreciated.

And, to our tens of thousands of loyal readers ­ a wonderful Holiday Season filled with family, happiness and hope for the future.


J. Ross Quigley