CSA Board ­ Directors at Large

Winter 2003 CSANews Issue 49  |  Posted date : May 02, 2007.Back to list

Pic 1:
Roland Belanger

  • Director-at-large, 2003-2004
  • Member, CSA Francophone Committee
  • Captain of Marshalls, Honda Classic PGA
  • Founding president, Quebec Federation of Camping and Caravaning
  • President, Charitable Donations Committee for Canadian Pacific Forest Products
  • Director of Education, Canadian Labour Council (Outaouais Region)
  • Primary Station Operator, Canadian Pacific Forest Products (Gatineau)
  • Corresponding - Secretary and Archivist, Canadian Paperworkers Union (Local 142), (Gatineau)

Pic 2:
Harley Sundbo

  • Director-at-large, 2002-2004
  • Member, CSA By-laws and Finance Committees
  • Superintendent of Education, Rivier Academy
  • Former Regional Director of Education
  • Former teacher , principal and school superintendent
  • Past president and executive member, League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (Saskatchewan)
  • Former executive member - Canadian Association of School Superintendents

Pic 3:
James Sherb
British Columbia/California

  • Independent Trainer/Facilitator
  • Retired from Ministry of Forests BC (CET)
  • Diploma in Public Administration
  • 20-year member, Toastmasters International
  • Past District Governor (94-95)
  • 11-year member, District Toastmasters Team
  • Distinguished Toastmasters Status (DTM)
  • Past Director, Forestry Continuing Studies Network at UNBC (University of Northern British Columbia)
  • Volunteer - Alzheimer's Society, Cancer Society, SPCA