Canada Clubs! Issue 48

Fall 2003 CSANews Issue 48  |  Posted date : Apr 25, 2007.Back to list

Pic 1: American/Canadian Days at Cypress Lakes

A really big event that lasts for two days. The folks at this park just north of Lakeland, Florida get involved in tennis and golf Can/Am tournaments along with a huge parade with decorated golf carts. And that's nothing...a party on the night of March 8, 2003 entertained 300 attendees, 50 per cent of them Canadians.

Here are the Canadians who helped plan the big event (L-R) Ray and Barb Newson, St. Thomas, ON; Charlie and Elizabeth Saurette, Halifax, NS; Dorothy and Sandy Hunt, Ottawa, ON; Faith and Jock MacKinnon, Pugwash, NS. The Mountie wouldn't give us his name!

Pic 2: Outdoor Resorts - Canada Day Celebration
This Canada Day celebration originated in the spring of 1979, when Edna and Jim Johnston of Bolton, Ontario rented a lot at Outdoor Resorts of Orlando and installed their 5th wheel on it. To encourage a spirit of friendship, they invited a number of fellow Canadians and their American friends to a party in their driveway. Unfortunately, it rained and 16 partygoers were forced inside. This event would ultimately become "Canada Day Celebrations at ORO!"

Twenty-four years later, on February 23, 2003 over 100 Canadians and their guests still enjoy the event. A large group of Canadians continue to help organize the event, including those pictured here.

(L-R) Jean Armstrong, Orillia, ON; Carol Milwain, Keswick, ON; Jack and Grace Wilkinson, Inglewood, ON; Pat Milwain, Cannington, ON; Edna and Jim Johnston, Bolton, ON; Joan Desmarais, Morell, PEI; Ruby and Cleo Ouellette, Oshawa, ON; Omer Perry, Gananoque, ON; Monique and Harry treffkorn, Stittsville, ON; Neva and Norm Barber, Port Burwell, ON.