Suspending Medicare Premiums?

Fall 2003 CSANews Issue 48  |  Posted date : Apr 25, 2007.Back to list

It has come to our attention that some snowbirds have attempted, and perhaps succeeded, in suspending their Medicare premiums while they are away, in provinces that have specific premiums for their health care benefits. DO NOT SUSPEND YOUR PREMIUMS! This is very dangerous as, on your return, you must usually wait for three months to become eligible again. You will have NO medical benefits during this waiting period.

An even more serious consequence, is that the travel health insurance you purchase for your trip will, in most cases, be invalid. Almost all policies state that you must be a resident of Canada and have an underlying provincial health plan. If not, they may rescind (cancel at inception) your policy and refund your premiums, rather than paying a claim. Some policies may pay your claim but limit benefits to, say, $10,000 which is an insignificant amount if you should have a large claim.