New "Colourful" $20 US

Fall 2003 CSANews Issue 48  |  Posted date : Apr 25, 2007.Back to list

When you see an unusual flash of colour later this year on the U.S. $20 bill, be advised - your eyes are probably not deceiving you. Advances in technology are making digital counterfeiting easier and cheaper and as a result, the U.S. government is rolling out new designs for its currency every 7-10 years, beginning with the $20 bill in fall 2003. New designs for the $50 note will follow in 2004 and the $100 notes in 2005. A redesign of the $5 and $10 bills is still under consideration, but a redesign of the $2 and $1 notes is not planned.

For more information about the new currency designs and how to spot a counterfeit note, visit the U.S. Treasury's Web site at or call
1-877-639-2877 (U.S. only).