Letter from the Editor Issue 47

Summer 2003 CSANews Issue 47  |  Posted date : Apr 20, 2007.Back to list

Happy Birthday, Canada! Happy Birthday, United States of America! It must be summertime – wonderful fireworks shows, sweltering days in the sun and beautiful flowers, everywhere.

And a good summer it appears to be, looking at our Canadian dollar's strength, a ceasefire in the Middle East, a hopeful end to the SARS crisis, and conciliatory comments on their differences coming from both Ottawa and Washington. We still have mad cow disease, softwood lumber and genetic wheat issues to resolve, but even these are developing positively. Hopefully our Federal Government will move quickly to bring an end to the uncertainty in all of these areas.

CSA President Ellen White has been meeting with government representatives in several provinces, reinforcing CSA's commitment to the Canada Health Act (CHA) and seeking more freedom to travel for CSA members. Our benchmarks of a minimum six months travel plus thirty days, anytime, and true Portability, as stated in the CHA, have been almost unanimously supported by these government representatives. Prescription drugs and border issues were also on our agenda. Now, all we need is action to properly enshrine these simple and obvious concepts in the Regulations of every province. Several elections are on the horizon and this is always a good time to get specific results on our issues. More Western meetings are planned and a busy summer lies ahead, for CSA.

Medipac's Early Bird Insurance Program was mailed on July 7th and if you have not sent in your CSA renewal, please take the time to help us now.


J. Ross Quigley