Government Relations Report Issue 47

Fall 2003 CSANews Issue 47  |  Posted date : Apr 20, 2007.Back to list

In the winter edition of CSA News, we included tear-out cards to be mailed to our premiers and prime minister. These detailed our concerns regarding residency requirements, adherence to the Canada Health Act and sufficient supplies of prescription medication, equal to the time allowed out of province. As these cards would be published in time for our winter events in the United States, we had extra cards printed to hand out at our shows and meetings in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

As postage for each premier had to be paid (postage for the prime minister is free), we opted to have Canadians fill out the cards at the shows and then we shipped them back to our office for bulk mailing.

The numbers below represent the cards mailed by our office - we know that a great many more were received through independent mailing.

We have sent letters to each of these representatives, asking them how they plan to respond to their tax-paying, voting constituents. If you have not sent in your cards, it is not too late - they are still important! Send them to the prime minister and to your premier, and keep on delivering the message.

This summer is proving to be exceptionally busy for President Ellen White and CSA executive director Heather Nicolson-Morrison. Our office has arranged meetings for them across the country to discuss our report card and the CSA standards of excellence. In the midst of arranging these meetings, a scheduled trip to Saskatchewan was postponed due to the Mad Cow disease scare and then various elections were called, resulting in the delay of even more meetings.

I joined Ellen and Heather at the meetings in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. It was obvious that the officials with whom we were meeting had done their homework. They knew who we were and what we were all about. I concur with Ellen White's appraisal of the meetings - I too believe that our governments are willing to work with us to ensure that travellers' rights are respected. We made some strong contacts at these meetings and I am sure that we will be working together closely in the future.

As a former member and chair of the Government Relations Committee, I have watched the CSA evolve into an association with which to be reckoned. We have proved our mettle on the international scene and appreciate having our phone calls to those high up, returned promptly. We are a source of information for the media...when a situation occurs that could affect Canadian travellers, our phones ring. While the pace can be frenetic at times, this is exactly how we want it. Our name is out there and we have earned our reputation for assisting and supporting Canadian travellers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to the Canadian Snowbird Association's Special Action Fund (SAF). It is due entirely to your generosity that the CSA has the financial wherewithal to undertake our many advocacy initiatives, as the SAF is funded solely by membership donations.

The past few years have seen an emergence of high activity for the association. In order to maintain this profile, the demands on the SAF have become greater. This year, when you renew your membership, please consider making a donation to this very special fund. It is through your support that we will be able to continue making inroads on your behalf.

I would like to extend my congratulations to our country's newly elected premiers. These past few months have seen both new and returning faces to the various cabinet tables. We wish you all the very best for the coming term of office and the CSA looks forward to continuing and/or opening dialogue with you all.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, surrounded by friends and family. I urge everyone who has access to the Internet to visit our site frequently, as information is posted regularly. Our address is,