Do Not Call List

Summer 2003 CSANews Issue 47  |  Posted date : Apr 20, 2007.Back to list

Recently the United States government made the Do Not Call Registry available nationally. Once an individual registers their US cellular or home phone number with the service, they can expect a reduction in telemarketing calls after three months. If restricted telemarketers do call you after three months have elapsed, you may lodge a complaint with the registry which can cause the offending telemarketer to face a fine of up to $11,000. USD. The registration stays in effect for five years and is managed by the Federal Trade Commission, America's consumer protection agency. Unfortunately, some businesses will enjoy the privilege of being exempt from the registry. These include long distance carriers, financial institutions, airlines, political organizations, charities and telephone surveyors. Another loophole exists for companies that you have purchased a product or service from in the last 18 months as this defines an "ongoing relationship."

There is a Canadian counterpart to this registry that is operated by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). Individuals can register with the CMA and their names and addresses will be removed from phone and mailing lists of CMA members. These member organizations are obligated to review and update their contact lists every 4 months.

You can contact these organizations and register in a number of different manners.

Do Not Call Registry
1-888-382-1222 (US callers only)

Canadian Marketing Assoc.
(416) 441-4062 FAX ONLY