Summer 1999 CSANews Issue 32  |  Posted date : Mar 02, 2007.Back to list

It has been one year since I joined the team at Medipac, and I'm pleased to say that I'm impressed with their tenacity towards serving the Canadian Snowbird Association and its membership. And I know that some of you out there are now thinking ­ wow, Bill has changed! Well, you're right, I have!
As the former publisher of the Canada News weekly paper in Florida, I was instrumental in the initial founding of the CSA and I am very proud of that fact. At times, I was critical of the relationship between Medipac and the CSA but now, after being directly involved in the inner workings of the relationship, I can truly say ­ "I'm impressed!" The hard waork and dedication of the Medipac staff and their commitment to the CSA's goals and ideals have brought the CSA from its fledgling beginnings to maturity.

Today, the CSA is a strong association and, through the help of Medipac, is unquestionably the strongest lobbying group protecting the rights of Canadian snowbirds. Their recently published "CSA Special Report" clearly defines their accomplishments. I'm confident that you, too, are impressed!

The PLACEMAT Program
I just have to say this again; I have never seen such a positive reaction to a promotion as to our dinner table PLACEMAT program. As I reported previously, we provided 90,000 of them last year. To date this year, we have received orders for more than 20,000, and it's only August. If you want these helpful placemats that contain the words to O Canada and The Star Spangled Banner for use at a social function this winter in the sunny south, you had better let me know ASAP, and here's how. Call toll-free to 1-877-633-4722 ­ that's my office in Auburndale, Florida. If no one answers, don't let the voice-mail message scare you away ­ it's going to tell you how to order. Also, we will be accepting orders at the CSA and Medipac booths at the 2nd Annual Extravaganza North on September 14 and 15 at the International Centre near the Toronto airport. Mail delivery to your winter address will start in November.

Is Florida Concerned About YOU?
Recently, the President of Medipac, Jeff Fraser, VP Sales and Marketing and I attended the Governor's Conference on Tourism held in Orlando, Florida. There was a great deal of concern about the fact that Canadian tourism in Florida was down 18 per cent in 1998 from '97. Of course, our main concern was you ­ the Canadian snowbird! So we informed the state's representatives that you contribute immensely to their tourism through visits from family members and friends, and we believe that a more positive marketing effort should be made to provide incentives for you. Guess what? They agreed and have promised to meet with Jeff. Here's another way your CSA is working for you!