Letter from the Editor Issue 46

Spring 2003 CSANews Issue 46  |  Posted date : Apr 15, 2007.Back to list

Welcome Home! Most of our snowbird readers are now in Canada and they returned to Snow (due to global warming, no doubt)! SARS! Iraq and North Korea and Syria on TV! Separatists no longer in control of Quebec! And Canada, itself, being shunned by our traditional friends and allies. Did I forget to mention the World Health Organization issued a travel advisory to NOT travel to Canada (actually just Toronto)? What are you doing here?

At a recent Travel Health Insurance Association meeting in Miami, Florida it was actually discussed as to whether it would be wise to contact our travelling clients and advise them to delay their return to Canada due to the SARS outbreak. It turned out to be an unnecessary warning as SARS is seemingly under control, at this point, and is now primarily a media event. In truth, I have not seen one person in the city of Toronto wearing a safety mask, but I am sure many of us are washing our hands a bit more often and are watching what we touch. This is just common sense at any time, of course.

I still find it amazing how much can change in a few weeks, let alone months. As travellers, the change is even more apparent when we return to home base after a long absence. Little Johnnie has grown a foot and the house across the street is gone. A sense of wonder, yet familiarity, always greets me on my return and it is a very happy time. May your homecoming, and your summer ahead, be just such a happy time.


J. Ross Quigley