Letter from the Editor Issue 45

Winter 2002 CSANews Issue 45  |  Posted date : Apr 12, 2007.Back to list

It is probably not very "editor-like," but I want to remember an old friend who recently passed on. John Jeannerret, for over ten years, had been the foremost example of what being a CSA Volunteer was all about. His wife, Kay, who is well known to all of us as, originally, a volunteer in CSA's early days, then Director, then Secretary and finally CSA's First Vice-President, was rarely without John at her side. John was an accountant, by profession, and his continuous assistance and advice to all CSA Boards and his attendance at virtually every CSA meeting and event, helped to form the CSA as it stands today. Thank You for giving us your many years of service and friendship, John.

After reviewing this issue of CSA News, it undoubtedly reflects the future of both government and media discussions for years to come ­ health care and Romanow. CSA's Report Card details the individual province's scores on CSA issues and our concerns, I have written on Romanow's recommendation to break the covenant of Portability found in the Canada Health Act, and we also sought an unbiased initial view of his many recommendations. Believe me, this is just the beginning of a flood of opinions and debates on the future of Canada's medicare system.

One thing that appears to be missing in any depth in the Romanow Report is the place of natural health care and herbal remedies in our medical system. We have had many, many letters from readers asking for articles on these issues and also stories of pain and illness that were either relieved or cured by "alternative" treatments. Some treatments date back thousands of years and are still being used today; the question is "Why?" It is pretty obvious that this kind of treatment works for many people and with our new technologies we may soon understand why. Our overview of some of the more commonly known herbal treatments may be of interest.

We may be a bit ahead of ourselves but our new objective of being "on time" led us to include the Closer Connection Form in this issue. It will also be available at our Extravaganzas and Winter Information Meetings if you need an extra copy. In these days of intense scrutiny on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border, I would recommend that you file it this year, if you have not done so in the past. Our Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and we are all looking forward to our visits with you in the New Year.


J. Ross Quigley