New Test for Heart Attacks

Winter 2002 CSANews Issue 45  |  Posted date : Apr 12, 2007.Back to list

A new test has been developed to check patients for inflammation deep within the body ­ inflammation which doctors are starting to believe indicates a strong risk of a heart attack.

The test checks for heightened levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a chemical necessary for fighting infection and injury. Evidence shows that high levels of CRP significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Diet and exercise can significantly lower CRP, as can cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Many doctors believe that at such a low cost (between $25 and $50 US), it's worth checking at the same time as a routine cholesterol test.

On the other hand, many doctors believe that CRP levels can be misleading and that more research must be done before the test is widely used.

It sounds to us like a money issue, not a health issue...à la PSA test. Ask your doctor to add it to your annual check-up routine.