Letter from the Editor Issue 44

Fall 2002 CSANews Issue 44  |  Posted date : Apr 09, 2007.Back to list

Well, we're back! Hopefully you will have had time to read our Summer issue which was really delivered in the Fall, as you obviously noticed. This is our Fall issue and we have somehow managed to deliver it prior to Winter setting in, at least for most areas of Canada. As I do not accept excuses very well, myself, I will not bore you with the details of our "challenges" with the Summer issue. My heartfelt thanks to all of our loyal readers who did not comment on our tardiness.

CSA's tenth anniversary year will usher in a new approach to our governments' foot-dragging and double-talk on the Canada Health Act (CHA). Since they often seem to act like children with their "it's not my fault" attitudes, CSA has decided to give each government a formal report card. It is a national evaluation on the five most important issues that snowbirds, and all Canadian travellers, must face and it is called The Canadian Travellers' Report Card. On each of the five issues, CSA has established a baseline of "best practices" which would properly meet the needs of Canadian travellers and has then rated each government on their performance compared to these standards. Several provincial governments have already indicated their willingness to work towards these standards and I believe that real progress may finally be achieved on our issues. Further details and the actual report card, itself, are found in several areas of this CSANews.

Our timing is very appropriate as the Romanow Report is also scheduled for release in November. We have included an overview of the Romanow Report's objectives and some of the initial findings which have been released to date. We hope that Mr. Romanow, in his wisdom, will take to heart some of the recommendations CSA made in their presentation to his Commission, which may also help to further our objectives of fairness and abiding by the agreements set down in the CHA.

Dave Hunter is back to help any snowbirds who are driving in a southerly direction and it appears as though Bill Leeder is going "buck" hunting. As for myself, I intend to do everything I can to make sure our Christmas issue reaches you before Valentine's Day. Thank you for your patience and my best wishes for a safe arrival at your winter destination.


J. Ross Quigley