Letter from the Editor Issue 43

Summer 2002 CSANews Issue 43  |  Posted date : Apr 06, 2007.Back to list

We have all watched in frustration, over the past number of years, as the Provincial Governments have slowly eroded our Canadian medical care system and the Federal Government continues to give their tacit approval to their actions. Federal funding for Medicare was originally established at 50% of the underlying costs and this funding level has dropped, dramatically, as the Feds continue to relentlessly squeeze Provincial budgets by under-funding health care.

Emergency room line-ups, life threatening delays for operations and medical treatment, delisting of drugs and procedures that were previously paid for, dragging out approval for new wonder drugs and failing to buy the new high-tech equipment now available, are all contributing to a growing crisis.

The CSA Board of Directors has also been frustrated by these topics but their primary focus is, and must be, our many snowbird issues. In the center of this issue is a Special Report on the CSA's advocacy that outlines the many issues CSA is currently addressing.

In January 2002, however, your CSA Board passed a resolution, with very little fanfare, that may be able to address some of the many domestic issues that affect our members. At the prior Executive meeting chaired by Bob Jackson, as President, the formation of a special Domestic Issue Committee was recommended. This Committee, if properly constituted, could tackle some of these important problems. Following an exciting discussion, it was decided that the Past President of CSA would serve, not only as an advisor to the new President on snowbird issues, but also as chairperson of the new Domestic Issue Committee.

We have been very fortunate to convince two former Board members to "come out of retirement" to serve the people of Canada. Jack Parry, the founding President of CSA, and Kay Jeanneret, who served as both Secretary and First Vice President of CSA, have agreed to form the nucleus of this new Committee with our Past President, as chair.

I believe this Domestic Committee can have a real impact in protecting our Canadian Health Care system but, as always, funding will be an issue. All of the details are still being studied, but when the time comes, I hope you will lend your support to this important initiative.

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J. Ross Quigley