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Summer 1999 CSANews Issue 32  |  Posted date : Mar 02, 2007.Back to list

The use of e-mail has certainly changed the way we all function in the world, increasing both the speed and frequency of communications. For many of us, it has replaced the telephone as the primary communications tool. On an average day, I send or receive somewhere in the order of 100 e-mails and, while that may sound like a lot, it happens so quickly and seamlessly, I barely notice it.
For those of us who travel, e-mail is also a wonderful way to stay in touch with our family and friends. But that is really only the beginning. The Internet provides many other high-tech, but simple to-use options.

If you like to stay current with local news while away, you can visit one of the many sites that list newspapers that are on-line. For example; At ,under News and Media, select "Newspapers," and you will be presented with a listing of over 300 Canadian
newspapers that publish daily to the Web. Just bookmark your favourite newspaper and check it out each morning, the same as you would if it had been dropped at your doorstep. One nice fringe benefit of reading on-line is that most of the advertising is omitted.

For a good number of us, listening to the radio is also a very important part of the process of staying in touch. Just because you are away from home is no reason to miss your favourite newscast or radio program. Did you know that many of you could listen to your local radio station over the Internet as well? Simply go to and download the Real Audio player. Using Real Audio you can listen to hundreds of radio stations from around the world. The most complete listing I have found of Canadian radio stations can be found at

Downloading and installing the Real Audio player is a pretty simple process. On the Real Audio site you will see several choices. The RealPlayer G2Plus costs $29.95USD while the RealPlayer G2 is free. The G2 Plus has some nice features, but I would recommend starting with the G2 Player. First of all - it's free, plus it is a smaller program and, therefore, a quicker download.

The G2 Player will meet the needs of 90% of users and there really is no good reason to use the G2 Plus. If you would like to use some of the advanced features, like the graphic equalizer, you can always upgrade later. At they really try very hard to sell the G2 Plus Player and sometimes you have to hunt around a bit on the site to find the free one.

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