CSA's 10th Anniversary

Spring 2002 CSANews Issue 42  |  Posted date : Apr 05, 2007.Back to list

A Decade of Action

1992: 1,055 Canadians meet to discuss and formulate the establishment of a grassroots association representing the health care, social and economic interests of Canadians wintering in the U.S. The Canadian Snowbird Association is born! (Pic1)

1993: Jack Parry says "No Way to 90 Days." Due to the tireless efforts of the CSA, and New Brunswick Director Bob Jackson, the province of New Brunswick rescinds its proposal to reduce residency requirements from 183 to 90 Days.

1994: The CSA holds a rally at Queen's Park to protest Ontario's announcement to slash out-of-country hospital payments by 75% to $100 per day. "If health minister Ruth Grier wants a fight she's got one..." ­ CSA First Vice President Don Slinger.(Pic 2)

1995: As a result of extensive lobbying by the CSA, Mike Harris and his cabinet keep their pre-election promise and restore out-of-country medical payments to $400 per day.

1996: The CSA "hits the airwaves" and plays a pivotal role in CanWest Global Television's ground-breaking show "Southward Bound ­ The Canadian Snowbirds", exposing the issues relevant to Canadian Snowbirds to viewers across the country. (Pic 3)

1997: Snowbird Extravaganza breaks all records! Distinguished as the largest gathering of Canadians outside of their borders since WWII. The event sets a new standard for consumer shows in North America and demonstrates the awesome power of the CSA. (Pic 4)

1998: Former CSA President receives Ontario Senior Achievement Award for willingly giving his time for the benefit of others. L/R: The Honourable Hillary M. Weston, CSA Past President Don Slinger and The Honourable Cam Jackson. (Pic 5)

1999: The CSA does it again! Lobby efforts in Ontario lead to the extension of out-of-province travel from 6 to 7 months and the cross-border prescription medication allowance is increased to a 200-day supply. (Pic 6)

2000: The University of Toronto establishes the "Jack Clark Chair in Parkinson's Disease Research", in recognition of the generous support of CSA members Jack & Mary Clark.

2001: The CSA comes home to Lakeland Florida. Snowbirds and winter residents alike flock by the thousands to participate in the CSA Annual General Meeting and Snowbird Extravaganza. (Pic 7)

2002: The foundation of knowledge and strength the CSA built in its first decade of action enables the association to overcome the many challenges it is faced with in the future.