CSA AGM 2002

Spring 2002 CSANews Issue 42  |  Posted date : Apr 05, 2007.Back to list

The Old Order Changeth...
On January 30, 2002, the Canadian Snowbird Association held its 10th annual meeting in Lakeland, Florida. President Bob Jackson chaired the meeting and welcomed all members, directors and their spouses.

Minutes were read by secretary Ellen White, and accepted. Treasurer Alex Scott reported briefly on the CSA's positive financial status and the CSA's financial manager, Gabriel Ponikowski, gave a detailed overview. Government Relations chair Paul Jenkins, executive director Heather Nicolson-Morrison, corporate lawyer Wallace Weylie and Ross Quigley, president and CEO of Medipac International reported on the past year.

We were honoured to have Tony Knill, consul and trade commissioner for the Canadian Consulate in Miami, as our guest speaker. The audience was treated to an interesting talk about the Canadian embassy, its role and its significance for people who travel.

This was followed by a nostalgic video retrospective of departing president Bob Jackson. Upon the video's completion, presentations were made to Bob on behalf of the board and CSA membership, the provinces of New Brunswick and Ontario, Premier Harris and Prime Minister Chretien. Plaques of appreciation were then made to departing members of the board.

It was with deep regret that CSA said "goodbye" to founding director and first CSA president Jack Parry, and his wife Jenny. Also leaving the board was Kay Jeanneret, our former secretary and first vice-president. Kay and her husband, John, were thanked for all the work and the many hours they had given to CSA. We acknowledged two long-serving couples who had devoted a great deal of time to the CSA ­ director Alex Scott and his wife Leone, representing British Columbia/California, and director Carol Brown-Heutinck and her husband, Ted, representing Alberta/Arizona. They will be missed at our Western Extravaganzas. Also to be missed will be Newfoundland/Arizona director George Burden and his wife, Carrie, two very strong CSA supporters.

Bob Jackson closed the meeting and then Wallace Weylie welcomed our new president for 2002 to 2004, Ellen White. Ellen introduced the new board, their spouses and her husband Bruce. After a brief address, President White thanked a very patient audience and the meeting was adjourned.