Board of Directors Nominees to the Canadian Snowbird Association

Summer 1999 CSANews Issue 32  |  Posted date : Mar 02, 2007.Back to list

The following are brief resumes of the members put forward by the Nominating Committee for the positions of Officers and Directors at Large of the Board of Directors of the CSA. Due to space limitations, we have been unable to reflect in detail the extensive background and experience of our nominated candidates.

Mr. Robert Jackson
New Brunswick / Florida

* Served as President of CSA since 1998
* Director at Large, 1993 to present
* Served as 2nd V.P. 1996 to 1998
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Served as Chairman of CSA Government Relations Committee
* Former Cabinet Minister in the New Brunswick government
* Served as Mayor and Councillor for St. Stephen, New Brunswick for nine years
* Actively involved in all CSA advocacy issues
* Owned and operated a construction company for 30 years

First Vice-President
Mrs. Kay Jeanneret
Ontario / Florida

* Served as 1st Vice-President since 1998
* Served as Secretary from 1993 to 1998
* Chairperson of the Special Events
* Responsible for CSA internal director
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Experienced speaker and organizer of
events for CSA
* Volunteer since the inception of the CSA

Second Vice-President
Mr. Paul Jenkins
Prince Edward Island / Florida

* Second Vice-President since 1998
* Chairman of the CSA Lobby and Advocacy Committee
* Director at Large since 1996
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Past Director of numerous volunteer boards
* Retired executive of Jenkins Transfer Limited
* Extensive business background
* Aide-de-Camp to Lt. Governor of P.E.I.
* 30-year member - Charlottetown Rotary Club
* Former National Director of Allied Van Lines of Canada
* Volunteer firefighter for 35 years

Past President
Mr. Jack Parry
Ontario / Florida

* Founding member of CSA
* First President of the CSA, 1993 to 1996
* Executive Past President, 1996 to 1999
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Director at Large, Ontario
* Chairman of CSA By-law Committee

Mrs. Ellen White
Ontario / Texas

* Secretary of CSA since 1998
* Director at Large since 1996
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Former educator, writer, speaker
* Executive member of various organizations
* Experienced speaker on behalf of CSA
* Organizer of past Texas Winter Information and Entertainment Days
* Sole Texas-based promoter of Winter Texans' Extravaganza
* Chairperson of CSA Communications Committee
* Member of CSA Special Events Committee
* CSA newspaper columnist
* Author of many CSA articles

Mr. Alexander Scott
British Columbia / California

* Served as Treasurer since 1998
* Director at Large since 1996
* Member of CSA Executive Committee
* Member of the CSA Lobby and Advocacy
* Actively promotes the interest of the CSA
on the west coast
* Successfully lobbied the CSA for California
* Experienced speaker on behalf of CSA to
organizations within B.C.
* Co-owner of an insurance agency for two

Mr. Jack Kiuru
Nova Scotia / Florida

* Director at Large since 1998
* Served on CSA Membership Committee
* Served on Communication & Publicity
* Retired engineer from Nova Scotia Power
* Managed the Special Projects department
* Past International Director of Toastmasters
* Served two terms as a director of the
Halifax Board of Trade
* Currently a director and member of the
executive of the Atlantic Winter Fair

Mrs. Carol Brown-Heutinck
Alberta / Arizona

* Director at Large since 1996
* Member of the Special Events Committee
* Actively lobbied for, and promoted Arizona Snowbird Extravaganza
* Extensive experience with Alberta seniors' groups
* Training and experience with RCMP, local police force, suicide prevention and crisis centre

Mr. Malcolm Joyce
Manitoba / Florida

* Director at Large since 1998
* Chairman of CSA Membership Committee
* Member of CSA Lobby and Advocacy, and Finance Committees
* Retired Air Force pilot with rank of Lt. Colonel
* Volunteer positions ­ Senior Military Aide- de-Camp to present Lt. Governor of Manitoba
* Past Vice-President of Canadian Society of Air Safety Investigators
* Chairman of Committees of the International SASI
* Board Member of Western Canada Aviation Museum
* Area Manager, Doping Control, PanAm Games, Winnipeg 1999

Mr. George Burden
Newfoundland / Arizona

* Active CSA member for six years
* Director at Large since 1998
* Member of CSA Finance Committee
* Member of CSA By-Law Committee
* Member of new CSA Alliance Partner Committee
* Qualified as an Electronic engineer
* Retired President & owner of Paul David Corp.
* Past President of Kiwanis
* Past member of the Trinity Conception Health Board, Board of Directors
* Past member of the Marystown Shipyard Limited, Board of Directors
* Past member of the Board of Examiners for the Association of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland
* Member of Shriners International

Mr. Gerry Brissenden

* Active member of CSA for the past five years
* President of Canadian Club, Colony Cove, Florida
* First chairman of the Canadian Soccer Association
* Rewarding careers in Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force and Metropolitan Police
* Vice-President, Sales & Marketing for three major corporations - Home Life Realty, Allied Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines
* President, Guildwood and Hansa Soccer Club
* Coaches minor soccer in Bradenton,