Farewell to our Retiring Board Members

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |  Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

With the upcoming inauguration of the new Board of Directors, we must sadly bid farewell to some visionaries who helped make the CSA what it is today. Although they are no longer on "active duty," we look forward to leaning on them for guidance and seeing them at CSA events throughout the year.

Jack Parry, Past President & Ontario Director (Pic 1)
As a founding member of CSA's original steering committee and our first president, Jack Parry has watched over the association, first as an expectant parent, and then as a doting father as the CSA evolved. His common sense and aptitude for all things political have successfully guided the CSA through many unpredictable situations. Jack has served as President and Past President for the last four years and has either worked on, or chaired, many CSA committees. We wish Jack and Jenny all the very best.

Kay Jeanneret, First Vice-President & Ontario (Pic 2)
When the word first went out that volunteers were needed for a new "seniors" organization, Kay and John Jeanneret raised their hands and never looked back. Although Kay was "officially" on the Board, John was never far behind, both of them working diligently for the betterment of the Association. Kay has chaired and worked tirelessly on a number of committees and, within the board, has held the positions of Ontario Director, Secretary and First Vice-President. Our heartfelt thanks go out to both Kay and John.

Alex Scott, Treasurer & British Columbia Director (Pic 3)
Alexander Scott has done more for British Columbia's seniors than most will ever realize. He is a firm advocate for travellers'/seniors' rights and believes passionately in the need for elder-abuse awareness. He is responsible for our Snowbird Extravaganzas branching out into beautiful California, and has been our "eyes and ears" on the west coast of Canada and the U.S. Alex retires after six years on the board of directors, four of those years as Treasurer. We wish both Alex and his wonderful wife, Leone, many happy years on the golf course.

Carol Brown-Heutinck, Alberta Director (Pic 4)
When our Canadian Snowbird Celebration moved into Arizona's East Valley, the CSA knew it could depend on Carol and Ted Heutinck to help pave the way. Carol retires from the board as Alberta's Director-at-Large, a position she has held since 1996. A member of many CSA committees, Carol has been a true friend to the Association and to Alberta/Arizona snowbirds. Carol was instrumental in bringing Snowbird Extravaganza to the state of Arizona.We wish Carol and Ted all the very best and look forward to seeing them at our events.

George Burden, Newfoundland Director (Pic 5)
Our board of directors will definitely miss the warmth and dry sense of humour that George Burden brought to both Board and committee meetings. We relied heavily on George to provide balance to our discussions and to get to the heart of the matter quickly and fairly. George was instrumental in bringing Snowbird Extravaganza to the state of Arizona. We will all miss George and Carrie Burden, but we hope to still see them soon, and often.