Letter from the Editor Issue 41

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |  Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

I still remember my first experience with a "summer" Christmas ­ what a strange feeling. The whole family was in Florida, basking in the hot sun, and we ranged in age from approximately one to 80+ years in age. It was Christmas Eve, December 24th, at about 7:00 p.m., and we had just finished doing our last-minute shopping for the kids, at Sam's Club. Well, they actually asked us to leave and I should probably, also, admit that it was our only shopping that year.

As we were driving home in our exhausted state, we passed a forlorn-looking Christmas tree lot, reaching the end of their season, and we all realized that we were not prepared for our "summer" Christmas at all. No tree! They were about to close down for another year, but we certainly could not allow that to happen until we had solved our tree problem. You can imagine how excited we were about going home and wrapping presents and, then, having to start trimming a tree which we had not even purchased yet. Oh no! We had no ornaments and the stores were closed! When you are really tired, your problems can seem almost insurmountable.

We stopped. And everyone got out of the car. And started searching through scruffy half-dead trees for our impossibly perfect, "past-the-last-minute" tree. Nothing! I couldn't believe my stupidity in forgetting a tree. We all, dejectedly, started drifting towards the car in resignation. As we passed the bedraggled "Xmas Trees For Sale" sign at the front of the lot, I looked up the street and everything suddenly became as clear as day.

There, in all its glory, was by far the best tree on the lot; well, not really ON the lot but just up the street, BY the lot. It was their display tree, used to give advance warning to drivers that they could buy a Christmas tree here. Lights, and ornaments, and even an angel on top! It looked like Heaven itself. No problem is really insurmountable and the perfect Christmas tree became our Christmas tree, for the princely sum of $40.

God was taking care of me that first "summer" Christmas, and I hope that you and your families will feel the same wonder and joy during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

J. Ross Quigley