Car Service You Can Trust

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |  Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

Does the thought of getting your car repaired make you cringe, because you're never really satisfied with the quality of repair service?

If so, you're among the majority of consumers who dread confusing explanations, inconsistent diagnosis of a problem and variable prices. But there is a solution that will give you peace of mind.

A number of companies in the automotive and service repair industry recently got together to win back your trust. They established strict industry standards under the auspices of the Motorist Assurance Program of Canada (MAP).

Certigard is one of the founding members of MAP and its entire coast-to-coast network of Certigard Centres is fully accredited.

"What that means to the consumer," says Peter Bridger, Petro-Canada's national programs manager, "is that every Certigard location flying the MAP logo uses the same service report containing standard terms and conditions."

With this kind of common 'road map,' consumers can be assured that the guesswork will be taken out of car care. They're also given more control over what is done to their vehicles before the repairs are made. "So there are no grey areas," Bridger adds. "Repairs are always done at the consumer's discretion, and never without prior approval."

Certigard has developed its own inspection and estimate forms to help guide you in your decision-making. The inspection report is a checklist of major repairs covering such key systems as electrical, exhaust, heating and air-conditioning, drive train and fluids, along with a road test for driving performance, brake performance and other important considerations.

Certigard's estimate form, called 3 Solutions, gives you exactly that. You are presented with three options when it comes to deciding what repairs you need or want to make. Technicians will point out repairs that are required for the safe operation of your vehicle. These are parts or systems that, under inspection, fail to meet the manufacturers' specifications.

Recommendations are also based on suggested manufacturers' repairs, such as parts or systems that are scheduled for regular service or replacement. The third category specifies repairs or replacement to enhance or improve vehicle performance. These may include alterations to meet a customer's request, i.e. eliminate noise, stiffen ride, etc.

All MAP facilities strictly adhere to a pledge to work toward building honest, ethical practices. Certigard Centres promise to provide written recommendations for repairs, offer a written estimate including the reason for repair, and employ qualified personnel. To underscore Certigard's commitment to earning your trust, all repairs performed come with Certigard's industry-leading warranty.

When you take your car to a Certigard Centre, you can be confident that the service you get will meet the highest standards in the business. Guaranteed. If you're not receiving this kind of service now, maybe it's time to switch to Certigard.