Do CEOs Live Longer than You Do?

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |  Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

Despite their stress and hectic lifestyles, CEOs of corporations are known to live longer than the general population. This is thought to be due to the fact that they receive extensive annual medical evaluations known as executive physicals.

An executive physical provides a much more comprehensive evaluation of your overall health than a typical annual checkup. The standard checkup is superficial and inadequate at detecting the presence of disease, prior to symptoms. It often utilizes such antiquated technologies as EKG, chest X-ray, and stethoscopes that are inferior to today's advanced diagnostic equipment.

Executive physicals, on the other hand, include many advanced tests and a more thorough review of the patient's history and potential health risks. There are several well-known medical institutions in the United States that offer executive physical services to many of the nation's corporations and well-to-do individuals. Although these institutions provide excellent medical care, their executive physical programs are often inaccessible to most people and are both inconvenient and costly.

Usually, the patient has to wait to get an appointment and then must spend a full day or two undergoing the exam. In many cases, the latest technologies such as CT scans are not used and the price is often quite high, ranging from $3,500 to more than $5,000. Most companies pay only for their most senior executives to undergo executive physicals.

Thanks to HealthScreen America, executive physicals aren't just for CEOs anymore. Jacksonville, Florida-based HealthScreen provides top-quality executive physicals in a friendly, educational, spa-like environment for approximately half the cost of traditional executive physicals. Corporations such as CSX railroad, Florida East Coast railroad, Sysco, and the PGA TOUR have already begun to realize the value and cost savings of HealthScreen's innovative approach to health care.

HealthScreen America utilizes the latest technologies to screen for the presence of heart disease, lung, colon and thyroid cancers, the risk of stroke, aneurysms or peripheral vascular disease, in addition to many other potentially fatal conditions. HealthScreen also offers a "virtual" colonoscopy and a new, non-invasive Alzheimer's test as well as several different genetic tests.

At HealthScreen America, clients receive a complete history, physical and a comprehensive package of up to 29 state-of-the-art tests in less than three hours. There is no waiting and the staff explains each test thoroughly. With the exception of the virtual colonoscopy, there is no disrobing needed and most tests are non-invasive and painless.

Upon completion of all tests, the client receives a 30- to 40-page Personalized Health Report outlining the individual results and how they compare to normal ranges. Board-certified radiologists read CT scans and a national laboratory analyzes blood tests. Blood and CT results are provided on a CD, so they can be easily reviewed by your own doctor.

A variety of packages are available and may be purchased with or without the history and physical examination. For more information about HealthScreen America, visit their Web site at or call toll-free 877-727-3366 (ScreenNow).

Executive Physical Cost Comparisons
Leading Medical Center
  • 14-15 tests including chest X-ray and EKG (advanced CT scans not included)
  • Cost $2,589
  • Takes one day to complete all tests 
If you include traditional colonoscopy (without virtual colonoscopy): Cost $5,003

Takes two days to complete all tests
HealthScreen America
  • 29-30 advanced screening tests including CT Lung and CT Heart scans
  • Cost $1,599
  • Takes 2 1/2 hours to complete all tests
If you include revolutionary "virtual" colonoscopy: Cost $2,594

Takes 3 hours to complete all tests